Dear Art Educators

American Educational Products (AMEP) and Crystal Productions Co. are pleased to announce AMEP’s new role as Crystal Productions’ exclusive sales, marketing, and distribution partner effective February 1, 2016. AMEP will begin processing orders for Crystal Productions’ product on Monday, February 1. During the first two weeks of February, AMEP will be relocating Crystal Productions’ inventory to AMEP’s Chippewa Falls, WI, warehouse, where we will begin fulfilling orders in mid-February. Customer orders for Crystal Productions’ product may still be placed through but can also be placed with AMEP Customer Service directly at 1-800-289-9299 or faxed to AMEP at 1-970-484-1198. Your new contact for questions regarding product or customer service is Marsha Spencer.

Please feel free to contact Marsha at the following numbers or e-mail:
Phone: 1-800-446-8767 extension 210 or direct at 1-970-294-4044

From the staff of both American Educational Products and Crystal Productions, we thank you for your involvement in our success and look forward to many years of providing you the best art education resources on the market! My personal message is one of thanks for all of your support and loyalty to Crystal Productions over the years. The message is still very clear that we respect the history of and traditions of art education in a changing world. Art does unite the world!

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